Featured Artists for the Fall 2009 Cave Creek Show

Dorothee Naumburgdorothee

Her jewelry boldly combines high karat gold interwoven with the rich colors of fine gemstones and the muted hues of  rare pearls. She strives to create a sculptural feel for her jewelry. How the pieces visually flow from all angles is important and it is what really makes her jewelry exemplary products.


robertoRoberto Marquez

He makes copper waterfalls, indoor fountains, tabletop fountains, and outdoor fountains for your patio or garden. Each copper water fountain is handmade by Roberto and hand torched and hammered from copper sheets and tubing. Whether you choose a large out door waterfall or desktop fountain you will enjoy the look and sound for many years.


Terri Baileyterribailey2

Her art consists of intricate metal designs that are a perfect addition to any garden. She skillfully welds mediums such as iron and glass into a perfect harmony and brings them together into beautiful pieces of art that would enhance anyone’s home.


altenhofenRichard Altenhofen

He considers himself to be a functional artist. His work is intended to be used rather than hang on a wall.  The individual elements of the design are inspired by natural forms. The main materials he uses are wood, metal, and stone .


Olga AlexandrovaBFM-128-Fantasy

Olga was born in Moscow, Russia. She started her art education in the school for gifted children of the Pushkin Art Museum, Moscow. This museum has one of the greatest collections of impressionist paintings in the world. Impressionism has had a strong influence on Olga’s artistic development.