ArtFest of Fifth Ave Featured Artists

From Left to Right: S. Porter, M. & J. Axton-Giddings, M. Burg, R. Maseman, and M. Breithaupt

Listed below are the Featured Artists for the ArtFest of Fifth Avenue, taking place October 21, 22 & 23, 2011 on Fifth Avenue, between Scottsdale Rd & Goldwater Blvd. Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images. Feel free to click on their name for additional information or the image to see a larger version of their work. We encourage you to stop by in October to check out their work in person.

Shane Porter

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With my initial fascination in pottery being the ancient works of Greece, Rome, and Asia, a strong ancient aesthetic has been strongly imprinted on my work. Most can easily recognize the aesthetic, but most miss the functional practicality of my work. I enjoy the idea that people can touch, hold, and use my work rather than simply looking at it hang on the wall. I feel a teapot never used to serve a cup of tea has been denied its soul.

To see more of Shane’s work, please visit him in space #127.


Joe and Mari Axton-Giddings

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“In our work together, we make dimensional paintings–mixing media, genre and technologies—using metals, metallic paints, glass, wood, clay, ink, paper, oxidation, and tarnish. Part of the challenge for us often involves taking inherently unstable, “accidental” materials—such as gold tarnish—and making them stable, archival, and purposeful. Consequently, our work studies change, emphemerality, the nature of collaboration, the interplay of male and female, the elements of perception.”

To see more of Joe and Mari’s work, please visit them in space #153.


Myra Burg

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Wanting a change from practicing architecture, and realizing my Didgeridoo at home was more an art piece than musical instrument, I wrapped a companion piece, and named it “The Quiet Oboe.” I fell in love with the warmth of wrapped fiber on the cylindrical form. Each tube is coated with adhesive, and individually wrapped, top to bottom, with sumptuous fiber of varying sheen and texture.

To see more of Myra’s work, please visit her in space #131.


Ray Maseman

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Myths, legends, children’s stories and dreams provide the ingredients for my intricate and whimsical etchings. Through blending these sources and recasting them with non-human protagonists I suggest enigmatic tales of exploration, collaboration, and transformation.

To see more of Ray’s work, please visit him in space #129.


Mark Breithaupt

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“I like to push the limits of the material whenever possible to uncover each stone’s unique personality. My sculptures sometime start out as mental images put to paper, but my philosophy is that the stone gets the ultimate glory. I use my tools to discover it’s most natural expression in the context of my vision.”

To see more of Mark’s work, please visit him in space #101.


To see a full listing of all participating artists, please visit the Online Artist Listing.

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