2012 ArtFest of Fifth Avenue Fall Featured Artists

From Left to Right: A. Boronat, C. Storer, G. Gautney, M. Jimenez, N. Greene
From Left to Right: A. Boronat, C. Storer, G. Gautney, M. Jimenez, N. Greene
Listed below are the Featured Artists for the 2012 ArtFest of Fifth Avenue Fall, taking place October 19, 20 & 21, 2012 on Fifth Avenue, between Scottsdale Rd & Goldwater Blvd. Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images. Feel free to click on their name for additional information or the image to see a larger version of their work. We encourage you to stop by in October to check out their work in person.


Ariela Boronat

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From a very young age, I began exploring the world of art and have never stopped.  I was born in the country of Cuba but have lived in the United States most of my life.  I now live in beautiful Santa Fe, N.M. which is a total haven for artists.  The fabulous qualities of light, as well as the awesome views, make it a very special place to set up an easel.

To see more of Ariela’s work, please visit her in space #140.


Corky Storer

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I have found great inspiration while mesmerized in the milieu and din of the blacksmith shop. Working under the spell of the fire, smoke, hammer and anvil, time loses all meaning and the creative process is free to reign king.

To see more of Corky’s work, please visit him in space #229.


Gary Gautney

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I consider myself fortunate to have the talent and the ability to express myself with visual art, something that I will always respect. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to share this talent through a creative process of teaching, volunteering and sharing this knowledge.

To see more of Gary’s work, please visit him in space #128.


Mark Jimenez

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Mark Jimenez is from Santa Fe, NM and has made jewelry for 31 years. Mark comes from a long line of artists and craftsmen dating back to 1732.

To see more of Mark’s work, please visit him in space #126.


Neal Greene

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Design and balance is my nature and it is a natural part of my existence.  Whatever I do and see must have this balance or I am at unrest.  When I create my gourd designs, the piece emerges from my inner being.  My emotions at any given moment manifests itself in my designs.

To see more of Neal’s work, please visit him in space #156.


To see a full listing of all participating artists, please visit the Online Artist Listing.

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