ArtFest of Scottsdale Featured Artists

From Left to Right: M. McKee, S. Johnson, T. Doskova, A. Robinson and P. Counts

Listed below are the Featured Artists for the ArtFest of Scottsdale, taking place November 19 & 20, 2011 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza. Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images. Feel free to click on their name for additional information or the image to see a larger version of their work. We encourage you to stop by in November to check out their work in person.

Michael McKee

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Growing up outside of Cleveland Ohio in a musical family, My Mom and Dad provided 4 curious children with a strong appreciation for the joy of creative effort, and the value of art and music and art in the human experience. For this, and much more I will always be grateful. My landscape and Abstract impressions all come from simple memories of moments and places, and are all created with a spirit of joy.

To see more of Michael’s work, please visit him in space 138.


Scott & Shawn Johnson

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Scott started his artistic pursuits in bronze, creating many bronze limited edition works. His love for arts and a curiosity for a wide variety of media led him to build a successful business creating ceramic sculptures combined with hand blown glass. After building this business for 6 years Scott sold it and began searching for other ways to express himself. His passion for glass and casting materials led him to create the beautiful bases stems and glass which are now collected as Jade Bouquets. Together with his wife Shawn they have poured their creative energies and hard work into these designs to be able to offer some of the most beautiful mix media sculpture available today.

To see more of Scott & Shawn’s work, please visit them in space 158.


Tanya Doskova

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Image is everything. Image transcends through time, space and technique. I’d rather create original and unique imagery in limited edition medium, than like many of my contemporaries follow trends or recycle Art history in the format of oily “originals”.

To see more of Tanya’s work, please visit her in space 150.


Amos Robinson

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Stainless steel is my main medium of expression. My process integrates fluid shapes, kinetic motion, sensual form, reflective light and rich color to transform a sheet of cold, hard steel. The materials and methods of construction give permanence to my dreams.

To see more of Amos’ work, please visit him in space 195.


Paul Counts

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“I have affection for art. I create with glass.”

“Affection for art is a form of hope. Art wants life to be better than it is, not more virtuous: cleaner, dressier, more certain of its lines. The artist’s affection if for the life he alone sees, the life he wishes for and breathes into every corner of the world’s mess. The artist and his work face each other like smitten strangers. No one can get between them. What they have is common in everything in the world that is seen, felt, smelled, heard, imagined and thought.”

To see more of Paul’s work, please visit him in space 176.


To see a full listing of all participating artists, please visit the Online Artist Listing.

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