2012 ArtFest of Scottsdale Featured Artists

From Left to Right: M. George, B. Collier, L. Murakami and C. Jeffries

Listed below are the Featured Artists for the ArtFest of Scottsdale, taking place November 17 & 18, 2012 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza. Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images. Feel free to click on their name for additional information or the image to see a larger version of their work. We encourage you to stop by in November to check out their work in person.

Michael George

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Michael is one of the most sought after contemporary artists; he has honed his art to a level of excellence matched by few. One of the attributes of having years of experience as a self taught artist, Michael believes that “art mirrors life without boundaries”.

To see more of Michael's work, please visit him in space 199.


Bill Collier

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Bill Collier is a sculptor and painter. Painting in Acrylic and with many unique and vibrant colors. Conveying strong emotion and intense passion by blending the realms of realistic and imaginative worlds, touching deep in the human heart and soul. Sculpture are figurative or in representational abstract form. Bringing forth to life the emotions, motions and passion of the subject with flowing forms and bright colors. Mediums used included wood, stone and bronze.

To see more of Bill's work, please visit him in space 182.


Lulu Moonwood Murakami

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I have an insatiable appetite for color, pattern, and texture.  I find them irresistible as I take in my visual and tactile surroundings. I am overcome with exhilaration when I see colors dance together and get a delightful shiver down my spine as my fingers brush over cashmere, spring grass, or plastered walls.

To see more of Lulu's work, please visit her in space 173.


Christopher Jeffries

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Christopher Jeffries unique style and distinct designs reflect the hand of a dedicated, passionate and master craftsman. Through extensive international education and experience with some of today's most inventive and renowned glass artists, Christopher is able to innovate and execute amazing glass creations for enthusiasts, and private collectors internationally.

To see more of Christopher's work, please visit him in space 162 and 164.


To see a full listing of all participating artists, please visit the Online Artist Listing.

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