Featured Artists Gallery for ArtFest of Scottsdale (Fall 2009)

Michael Weinberg

booth2Contemprary wheel thrown forms with exotic finishes give Michael’s work a mixed media aspect. He mixes traditional glazed surfaces with gold leaf, blown glass, copper metal, lacquer, antler and stone embellishments. Michael enjoys exploring new ways to bring color, design. and texture to a finished piece.

Look for Michael’s space #163


Mark Jimenez

Jimenez-Mark-full-moon-wedgeMark comes from a long line of artists and craftsmen dating back to 1732. He lives in Santa Fe, NM and has made jewelry for over 30 years. By using native stone, Marks is able to create a natural landscape. Each piece that he makes is one-of-a-kind. Mark takes the stone to a certain level then lets the natural stratus and the color of the stone come through. The beautiful mountains and desert scenes of the Southwest inspire Mark’s work.

Look for Mark’s booth # 207


Dan and Joi LaChaussee lachausse

This couple comes from Washington and have had 24 years of experience blowing glass. They have developed innovative new techniques. Which gives their work a very original look. They say art festivals give them the opportunity to meet people that love their artwork, the opportunity to create  new exciting designs, and get quality feedback they do not receive from galleries. Shows are the best test market for their new ideas.

Look for Dan and Joi in space # 151.


Deborah Valiquet-Meyers

sp2col_wideHer mixed media paintings explore themes that develop through the building of layers. A unique blend of old and new is enhanced by the use of heavy dimensional texture, iridescent highlights and metal leafs. Her materials include: acrylic paints and inks, dimensional mediums, handmade papers, metallic powders, fabrics, fibers, threads, pastels, and ink. The process creates a muti-dimensional painting of depth and dimension.

Look for Deborah Valiquet-Myers space #183


Belinda Del Pescobulkhead72

Belinda works in the classical tradition of landscape, figure and still life painting. She divides her time between watercolor painting and printmaking, and produces a series of intaglio etchings, and relief prints in small editions each year. A life-long fascination with the nuances of the face and figure, and seasonal changes in natural light on every day objects, have been a constant source of inspiration. These ingredients, combined with her affinity for the artistic traditions of the late 19th and early 20th century, create a spirited appetite to paint insightful interpretations of what she sees every day.

Look for Belinda Del Pesco’s space #132

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