Featured Artists Gallery for ArtFest Market of Cave Creek 2010

Listed below are the Featured Artists for the ArtFest Market of Cave Creek, taking place March 5, 6 & 7, 2010 at Stagecoach Village.  Each artist has a short artist statement and a small gallery of images.  Feel free to click on their name for additional information or the image to see a larger version of their work.  We encourage you to stop by the first weekend in March to check out their work in person!

Lynda Alcamo

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Lynda Alcamo pushes the limits of watercolor and oils in an attempt to create a fresh and bold style unlike any work seen by her contemporaries.  Often referring to her work as “Big Color”, Lynda saturates her images in bright, highly intense and nontraditional color choices.  Her adeptness at successfully rendering a wide range of subject matter to canvas or paper can be seen in her large body of work which she shows throughout the western states.

Linda will be in space #134.


Patty Graves

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My jewelry is one of a kind and usually combines sterling silver and 14kt gold with a variety of precious and semi precious stones. I not only design and make all my own waxes, I invest, burn out, cast and finish all my pieces.  I prefer not to use specific terms to describe the style of my work. My life has been touched by the art and people of many cultures and I believe all of these experiences have influenced me and brought my work to its current level. I consider my pieces to have a sculptural nature. I strive to create in my jewelry balance, both visually and physically without using traditional symmetry.

Patty will be in space #147.


Penny Niemi & Ernest Elmer

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Ernie Elmer and Penny Niemi work with gourds, gourd pieces, and other natural materials to create artworks that are sometimes functional and sometimes figurative.

Penny and Ernie will be in space #141.


Bryon Sutherland

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Bryon discovered a passion for working with molten glass while studying fine arts at California State University in Chico, where he was first introduced to the medium.  Influenced by Butte County’s volcanic geological countryside where the studio is sited, and a childhood by the sea in San Diego, the inspiration for design is apparent. Infused with movement, color and texture, the work speaks for itself.  No two pieces are alike.  No two years are alike, as the work continues to evolve in new directions.

Bryon will be in space #150.


Bruce Taylor

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Artist Bruce Taylor — based on his passion for nature and art — is known for his artistic design; attention to anatomical detail; knowledge of materials, painting and carving techniques; and commitment to high quality.  A unique aspect of Bruce’s design technique is his ability to depict your fish in a natural habitat setting. After all, the fish art you acquire today — like your favorite fishing spot — is meant to provide enjoyment and memories for a lifetime.

Bruce will be in space #115.


Margaret Wright

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I have been photographing for many years, seriously for more than ten years, taking classes and workshops at the Kansas City Art Institute, Scottsdale Community College, the Santa Fe Photography Workshops and the Maine Photographic Workshops.  Using a large format (4×5 or 5×7) camera, a 35 mm camera and a digital camera, I have traveled the world, doing landscape and scenic photography in cities and rural areas.  I love photographing old buildings, flowers and abstract patterns in nature.  My most popular collection is “Not Found in Nature”, a portfolio of floral fantasies, which combines photography and digital art.

Margaret will be in space #143.

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