Charlie & Anna Marie Watkins

Watkins,Charlie For over fifteen years Charlie and Anna Marie Watkins have been producing arts and crafts as a full time career. They first looked at shows as a hobby, without any stress. Their talents and artworks progressed over the years. They have done many different types of works, including fine art painting, furniture refinishing, fabrics, and woodcrafts. The sculptures that Charlie and Anna create are a culmination of the media they have used over the past decade and a half.

Now days Charlie and Anna are producing three-dimensional southwestern style pueblos, missions, and cliff dwellings. They believe in producing quality products at very affordable prices.

Our creations can be seen at outdoor and indoor arts and crafts shows, trade shows, home shows, and select retail galleries throughout the southwest. We do not maintain a gallery, showroom, or storefront. Our “store” is our booth with an ever changing selection!

You can visit the artists’ work on line at