Jeanne & Dana Rosen

jeanne rosen2 guitarThey were 22 year old kids and met at the coffee machine in the Music Building at CSU Northridge. “He asked me out… cooked me fabulous Chinese food and we’ve been together ever since.”

Jeanne has been designing greeting cards since she was about 3 years old … using crayons at first…  then pen, ink and watercolor as she got a little older.  Her dad is a professional artist/sculptor and mom a wonderful chef and food writer.  The family moved from California to Rome were she grew up with art and music, the sights and sounds, colors and aromas of Europe… seeing the opera … the elephants on stage in Aida …all made a huge impression on a very young girl.

Dana grew up in the San Fernando Valley and began playing musical instruments in 1962 at the age of 7… performing in rock ‘n roll bands, concert bands,  jazz groups… playing electric and classical guitar, clarinet, saxophone, woodwind instruments, and eventually conducting and composing for full orchestra.

At age 32 Dana became a full time silkscreen/paper artist, sculptor and painter. Dana and Jeanne have their graphic arts, casting/design studio and gallery in the high desert above Los Angeles.
The Jeanne Dana Paper Mill created hand made paper and envelopes, cast paper sculpture and paper mache on canvas all from old greeting card scraps. Plaster was added to the paper castings to make them more durable, innovative coloring  and waterproofing techniques were used.  More designs were created.  The company name was changed to PaperAndStone™ and now in the 21st century, using 21st century materials, Jeanne Dana’s art has evolved into something more architectural and very contemporary….  creating cast stone, cold bronze and marble sculpture,  artwork and murals.

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