Joseph Robertson

Robertson,Joe horseScratchboard is an etching process developed over 300 years ago in Europe. Using hand tools such as scalpels and needles the artist removes black India ink that has been applied to a white board. As the black ink is removed the white board underneath is exposed and an image is formed. Whereas the pencil artist draws shadows, the scratchboard artist draws light. Color can be added or left out depending on the desired effect.

As a “recovering guitar player”, Joseph spent 12 years as a professional musician, songwriter and studio player. After giving up the road and club circuit, Joseph decided to urn his attention to the visual arts. Arizona native and long-time Prescott resident Joseph Robertson draws on his many travels throughout the west for inspiration. The artist’s depictions of wildlife and cowboy life are rustic in form yet intricate in detail. Self-taught, Robertson has worked in stone, acrylics and scratchboard, winning awards in the George Phippen Memorial Western Art Show, Tempe Festival of the Arts, The Artfest of Henderson Nevada and the St. George Utah Arts Festival.

Works by Joseph Robertson can be seen at the artist’s website

Joseph can be reached at his studio in Prescott, Arizona at (928) 778-6382.