Linda Pond

lion,lindapond_overThere are all kinds of art and all kinds of artists. The quest to create and present the essence of a subject is what art is all about. Art should touch you in some way. The creation of art that enriches our lives each time that we look at it is art well done. I have to create, it is an essential part of my life. That someone buys my work is a bonus.

Enameling begins with copper sheets that are cleaned and then hammered flat. Enamels are powdered colored glass. They are added to the copper with various implements to create an image. The copper is then fired in a kiln using several kiln tools which aid in the firing process.

At first the copper is prepped and a design is outlined. Using a sieve, a detailed paper tool, and hand tamping among other implements, Linda adds the enamels to the design.

The enamels are carefully placed upon a trivet for firing and then using a long spatula they are placed into the kiln for firing. Enamels are fired at approximately 1600 degrees for around two to three minutes. Using the same spatula, they are carefully removed to a cooling surface where a weight is placed on top so the enamel won’t warp. Then the enamel is placed on the finishing table where it sets. When it is removed from the kiln the coloring is darker than it was before firing–it begins to lighten up as it cools. Once fired, it is ready for framing or for use in other forms of presentation such as Linda’s specialty boxes and jewelry boxes.

You can reach Linda Pond at her studio in Queen Creek at 480-988-0141 or