Neal Greene

Neal Greene
Design and balance is my nature and it is a natural part of my existence.  Whatever I do and see must have this balance or I am at unrest.  When I create my gourd designs, the piece emerges from my inner being.  My emotions at any given moment manifests itself in my designs.

For an artist, exposing one's inner self (through his work), is part of the job.  The constant need for approval can be challenging.  Approval comes when one of our creations is so enjoyed by another and at that point we must then part with a piece of our self.

The joy of creating a work of art that can be shared with others certainly outweighs the pains of creation.  An artist then accepts the challenge of another creation.  Creating a work of art out of a feeling.


Arizona local, Neal J. Greene, has been producing one of kind artwork for almost 40 years.  As a young boy, Neal was a burgeoning cartoonist and woodworker.  He attended Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire where he was a Fine Art major for three years.  His studies continued at New York Institute of Technology  where he honed his 3 dimensional skills and double majored in art education.  He received his Bachelors degree from the State University of New York.

Upon graduation, Neal became the advertising director for a large department store in upstate New York.  For years to come, Neal's creative energy continued to come to life through his photography, metal sculpture, woodworking, chain saw art, and rug hooking.  Home renovation and interior design  erupted after the purchase of a country property in upstate New York.

Neal stayed upstate where he started a family.  Inspired by his five children, he wrote and illustrated four children's books.  Inventing products and creating novelty items took up most of his spare time while he continued to enjoy home renovation and interior design.

After his retirement in 1998, Neal and his wife moved to glorious Arizona where they both felt they were NOW home.  Neal's alignment with the southwest was apparent.  His feelings for southwest / contemporary designs are very natural to him and flows quite easily, he claims.  His love of gourds was imminent.  As a lover of wood, Neal found the qualities of the gourd quite similar to that of wood with the added dimension of shape.  The unique gourd, no two exactly alike, became his new canvas in the round.  Exhibiting his work in Arizona and supplying several home furnishing stores throughout the country have kept him very busy in his Peoria, Arizona studio producing his gourd wall hangings (in his unique and carved frames), gourd bowls, wonderful Indian quivers complete with copper arrows, and custom sized mirrors.  

His earth tones and southwestern / contemporary designs are delighting folks from all over the country, including a piece in the White House.

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