Stephen Schubert

schubert, stephen table and chair Stephen Schubert is an award-winning artist best known for developing his own distinct style of multidimensional art. The fact his art can be seen in locations as diverse as the clubhouse at PGA-West, La Quinta, California to Montana ranches and London showrooms is testament to his work’s wide appeal with all types of collectors.

Inspired by his many travels throughout the world, and a deep appreciation for nature, his three-dimensional works have been aptly reviewed as “whimsical, with a touch of nostalgia.” His pieces typically depict a room featuring a landscape revealed through a window. The layering effect of the finely cut birch elements, combined with his use of a striking color pallet never ceases to make an impression on the viewer.

A welcome anachronism in an age of mass production, Mr. Schubert insists on personally crafting each individual piece, of which no two pieces are identical. This attention to detail has earned him enthusiastic praise from both private and commercial collectors around the world. This has in turn created a thriving private commission for his studio.

The California State Senate honored Mr. Schubert’s art by including it as part of the first California Contemporary Art Collection. His pieces are also represented by many fine galleries, including those in Carmel and Laguna, California, Chicago, New Orleans and Dania, Florida.

Mr. Schubert’s work has been featured in numerous publications and television programs. He is also active in charitable work, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When not gaining inspiration by exploring new cultures and countries, he can be found working in his Los Angeles studio.

Says Schubert, “We’re in an age where our visual cortex is inundated daily, so we’ve developed a sophisticated editing process. It takes something unique to attract us. My pieces invite you in. They are peaceful, with European sensibilities that say, “Take time to stop and eat and enjoy the earth you walk on. It’s basic and simple.” He adds that couples of all ages often say to him, “This is the first time we’ve agreed on anything!”
For more information about Stephen Schubert and his art you can reach him at his studio at (818) 761-3834, or online at