Barbara Heard

Heard, Barbara potteryFired pottery is at the mercy of the flame and smoke of an untamed fire.

To create a successful piece, I begin on the potters wheel forming the white clay into large rounded forms. Each piece is fired when dry to 1900º. Then it is placed in seawater to absorb the salt. A pit is dug in the sand and lined with the pottery, sawdust, and other combustible materials. Sea breezes and weather conditions change the wisps of smoke as they bring color to the pottery. The fire burns for at least eight hours before a beautiful piece of pottery emerges out of the smoking ash.

Barbara Molentin Heard has studied at U.C.S.D., Mesa College, S.D.S.U., and is a Fine Arts graduate of Northern Arizona University. She has been fully committed to ceramics since 1977, working in all mediums ceramics has to offer. She enjoys developing new glaze techniques and ways of painting pottery. Barbara’s exciting creative ideas keep her work constantly evolving.

In 1990 Barbara Heard graduated with a Master of fine Arts Degree from Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana. You can reach her at her studio at (585) 273-5060.