Hilaire Ridlon

ridlon,hilaire skinny teapotI have been working with clay for over 18 years and I am glad it is part of my Life. The interaction of Earth, Air, Water and finally the Fire is part of the dance the potter directs (usually) through experience, intuition and a little luck.

My aim is to provide a useful and pleasing work that becomes part of your life. I have been using my own work since I began and thus learned from each piece. I continually strive to produce work that greets you and invites its use.

Much of my work is influenced by 18th century porcelain, Classical Chinese pottery and Korean Folk pots. This has manifested itself in my glaze palette and to a lesser extent, in my forms. In any case, I find the most successful things I do are those that I enjoy the most. This makes it easy!
You can reach Hilaire Ridlon at her studio in Round Rock, Texas at (512) 246-3473 or online at www.circleinasquare.com..