Kathleen Murphey

Murphey,Kathleen painting potter I became interested in clay in Florida in 1974 when I saw a demontration of wheel throwing at the college I was attending., I had planned on being a nurse until I got my hands muddy for the first time. I knew this was me. I was in love with the magic that is the clay on the wheel under the hands of a good potter. I love the way the clay springs up to take on a form and life of it’s own. I wish that a pot could remain just the way it is when it has just been thrown on the wheel. It is wet and plastic, yet strong and vital. The finished, glazed and fired pot is almost an extra benefit of the pleasure of throwing a pot. I’ve been making pots for 31 years and the clay is as new and possibilities are as varied and numerous as ever. My husband (of 38 years) and I moved to Phoenix in 1979. He is a potter too.. We have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Kathleen can be reached at her studio on Phoenix at (623) 849-6943.