KimmBerly Ioane


I am a Raku artist.  I have a unique style for my work, that incorporates Oriental designs.  I will be displaying and selling my works of art at the 17th Annual ArtFest of Scottsdale the weekend of November 20th and 21st.  (click here for map to ArtFest) I will be in booth #182.
My booth is located in between the two main fountain areas towards the north side of the festival.

I am best known for my Raku pottery and platters, and wall pieces of women’s faces. Click here for more images of my work Raku  is an ancient Japanese process for the firing of clay. Raku is unique because it is the only method where the piece is removed from the kiln when the glaze has become molten, roughly 1800 degrees. The piece is then placed into a hole or barrel full of a combustible material, such as leaves, sawdust or paper. The piece is allowed to burn for a few seconds before being covered. This causes the fire to be smothered and the smoke to be drawn into the glaze and clay, forming the unique black clay body and spectacular colors of Raku. Combined with a hand-made piece and the uncontrolled firing of Raku, my pieces are truly “One of a Kind”.

Creating anything with my hands and using imagination is what inspires me. Sitting outdoors and ‘inspiring’ scenery help spur my creativity. My artwork began in high school, where I fell in love with clay. I took ceramics classes in college as well. The reaction from and interaction with customers is what most intrigues me about art festivals.

To see KimmBerly Ioane and my Raku artwork visit my upcoming festivals, reach me at my studio at (928) 486-3264.