Primo Albiani

Albiani,Primo_over teapot I am a Northern Nevada Potter Making my living from my work for the past 27 years. I have a BA in Art, PE and a minor is Science. I employ a multi graze technique on my porcelain pieces. I hand mix all of my glazes which use only natural minerals. (no Lead). The mineral Rutile is what gives my glazes the distinctive opalescent, blue, mauve and lavender colors. I consider my work to be of a Western influence and some people say they see ocean waves and painted desert scenes in my pieces. All of my ware is fired to cone 13 (2458 degrees) which is much hotter than most potters are willing to go but that is what gives my glazes much more life and depth. I currently do approximately 12 crafts fair shows a year ranging from Washington to Arizona. I enjoy the kinship between other artists that develops over the years of doing outdoor shows together. I love sharing ideas with them and it is almost an extension of my family. I would say being a potter is not an easy life but is very rewarding. To me Primo Pottery is more than a business it is a way of life.

You can reach Primo Albiani and Primo Pottery at the studio in Fallon, Nevada at (775) 423-0654, or email: