Raymundo Cruz

cruz_over pottery Raymundo Cruz is a clay artists. Raymundo twists clay into art using free-form sculpture techniques. His designs range from one-of-a-kind dishes to large vases, benches, planters, and his famous lizards.

Raymundo Cruz is the new Owner of Quantum Art, in Cave Creek, Arizona. Quantum Art is a gallery and artist studio in Cave Creek that features Raymundo’s artwork. Raymundo is also involved in the local Sonoran Arts League Empty Bowls Project, where ceramic potters donate 40-50 pieces of art for auction. This summer Raymundo has made bowls as well as provided several League potters with exclusive Quantum glazes and kiln space.

You can reach Raymundo Cruz at his gallery and studio in Cave Creek, Arizona at 480-488-1440, or email: davidruiz-pinpass@hotmail.