Tony Longo

longo,tony_over bugTony Longo creates fairytale like sculptures in ceramics, wood and metal. Each whimsical character is one of a kind, hand made, and hand painted using brushes made from black bamboo and his pet dog, Saguaro’s, shed fur. First the body’s are created on a potters wheel, then flattened changing their shapes, and stretching them so they will be thin and light. Then the figures are left to dry up to a leather hard consistency, and features such as feet, fins, eyes, nose, lips, teeth, and tongues are then added. At this time each piece is signed and given a name. Once dried, each work is painted with a transparent watercolor under glaze, and fired to give them a glass like appearance. After the second firing, some of the pieces are fired a 3rd, 4th or 5th, time layering the application with 24 K gold, Platinum, and iridescent luster colors. Each work comes with a sandblasted piece of driftwood customized for the collector that hangs from the wall or sits on the table.

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