David Migliore

migliore DrawingDrawing is a meditation. Creating collages allows me to sit in quiet contemplation and sketch whatever moves me. I named each of these early (1994) black and white collages, ‘Themeless Process’ — a homonymic of ‘seamless process’. Each cell in these penciled drawings fits seamlessly, like a puzzle piece, into the next cell. These works also have no intended theme. They are theme-less. Each cell is improvised and is influenced by the shape of the one next to it.

In 2004, after a ten-year hiatus, I began to draw ‘Themeless Process’ pieces again. A short time later, I tried colored pencil and used the collages as a backdrop, allowing me to create a theme, do research, design my piece, and sketch symbols in the foreground. Once this layout is done, I can then run free in the ‘Themeless’ background.

It’s like designing and constructing a playground. You brainstorm, draft, measure, and build so that when the kids arrive, it’s fun and safe for them to frolic. Using a T-square or plotting a Golden Section spiral are akin to planning/building the playground. Drawing the ‘Themeless Process’ portion is when the kids come and play.

My wish is that those who examine the 2005 or 2006 works appreciate them from a distance – perceiving the overall colors and patterns. And as they move closer, all the details in the ‘Themeless’ background can be seen. In addition, I hope the viewer will also spy something different each time they study the piece.

You can reach Dave Migliore at his studio in Tempe at 480-200-1965 or