Ty Kelly

Kelly,Ty DrawingI am striving to create a world that sparks the imagination. I have deliberately broken the rules of perception to distract the viewer’s mind into a state of wonder. I feel, if you are going to break the rules of art, break them. Don’t just bend them. Inspiration comes in many forms, from the every day familiar, to the whimsical fairytales I’ve read to my children over the years. I’ve also found inspiration in the cartoons I remember watching as a child, and still watch today with my children. The Chuck Jones cartoons, in particular, had the seeds for great inspiration tucked away in the backgrounds. Through my art, I am inviting children into the art world, with images that appeal to them and to the child in us. Thank you, and enjoy my imaginary world.

My inspiration comes from everything from great contemporary painters to cartoons I watch with my four children. I try to appeal to the child in all of us. I work with a variety of mediums, but the majority of my work is pastel because I like the softness it brings to my work. I enjoy participating in art festivals, because I meet people that would not normally come to a gallery opeiing. I meet them in a relaxed fun environment, exposing my work to people of all ages.
Ty Kelly can be reached at his studio Art by Ty A. Kelly in Oklahoma City, at (405) 613-1867, or on the web at www.tykelly.com.