Alice Watterson

Alica Watterson

In a fascinating partnership between heart and mind, humans have long perceived something of their own mystical nature in imaginatively created figures.  Combining woven cloth, carved wood and a variety of textile skills, my work is yet one more tangent of this ages-old exploration.

Complementing the figures is a Creation Myth that tells of old and lasting bonds between heaven and earth, between the natural world and the pursuits of humans.  This ever-evolving story provides me with an intellectual context for making the pieces, and in due course deepens the viewer’s enjoyment.

Color choices are the first suggestion of a figure’s identity, but it’s really the hair and headgear that define the emotional character or “attitude” of a figure.  This is followed by hand-stitched details, ornamentation and often the addition of natural ephemera such as twigs and seedpods.

In the end, the purpose of the figures is to remind us that life is experienced in relationships—varied, intense, beautiful, and sometimes magical.

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