Deb Halstead

Inspired by a three-month trip to Indonesia, Deb Halstead began batiking in 1994. During her trip she was able to spend a considerable amount of time with many different artists from Java, Bali, and Sumatra, where she learned a few tricks of the trade such as, using finely woven cotton fabrics, vibrant colorfast dyes, and wax resists ranging from a pliable beeswax to a crackable paraffin. Each piece is original, and never duplicated by photo, or print

Deb still spends up to three months every year in Java, working on new methods and designs with five master batik artists. This is a unique and fascinating approach that allows everyone’s ideas to be integrated into the final results. The completed original artwork represents true co-operation in the eastern artistic tradition. Deb Halstead lives in Rollinsville, Colorado.   For more information, give Deb a call at (303)642-9641, or email