Joanne Casey

fiber joanne casey“Each sheet of handmade paper represents hours of careful labor”. Joanne Casey, combines handmade papers, an eye for divine placement, and creates collages with a contemporary aesthetic, to bring the ancient art of paper making into our modern décor. First, plant fibers are mixed with water and beaten to a pulp in a large vat. Then the pulp is lifted from the water by a fine mesh screen. A wooden frame called a deckle is used to shape the edges of the paper. The water drains away, leaving behind a sheet of fiber which is pressed and dried to form paper. These sheets of paper are then combined with handmade paper collections from around the world, and natural materials such as shells, feathers, and petals, creating paper collages for any room in your home. You can learn more about her work by calling her studio at (760) 341-0703 or online at