Marilyn Salomon

Salomon,M batikMarilyn Salomon’s Batiks on China Silk are known for their exquisite detail, capturing the texture of a butterfly wing, the woven Indian basket or the softness of a rose petal. She seeks to feel what she’s creating as well as to emit a mood in each piece. Her love for the Impressionist period of art has had a great influence on Marilyn. The soft play of her colors and line give forth movement and inner harmony. The viewer can’t help but to be drawn into work as a participant, not just as an onlooker.

Marilyn creates her batiks using the ancient, traditional Indonesian process of drawing with hot wax and then dying the fabric in a vat. Since one piece may contain from seven to fifteen colors, it is necessary to repeat this procedure of waxing and dying each time, beginning with the lightest dye bath first and then proceeding to get darker with each subsequent dye bath. A T’janting is used (tool from Java which holds hot wax) for drawing intricate detail. Her subjects are varied and all designs are one of a kind. Marilyn’s newest creations are batiks on multi-levels, creating a three dimensional effect.
Marilyn may be reached at her studio in Christopher Creek, AZ at (928) 478-4845, or online at