Prince Duncan-Williams

duncan-williams_over JAZZPrince Duncan-Williams was born in Kumasi, Ghana and moved to the United States in 1982. During a 1996 return visit to Ghana, his cousin introduced him to silk art creations. While Duncan-Williams who majored in civil engineering had no previous formal training in art; his cousin encouraged him to combine his life-long love of sketching with the exquisite art of silk creations. Duncan-Williams now combining his African and American culture has taken silk art creation to a whole new level. Jazz Music, Picasso, Native Art, Rhythm and Harmony are what inspire him.

Silk art creation is a complicated process in which a blended silk and rayon thread is arranged by hand and glued in rows. The rows of thread work around in a spiral and, every so often, change direction, creating facets and patterns. These contrasting flows of colorful thread enhance the texture and mood of each dazzling image. There is no stitching involved; every piece is done entirely by hand, making each an original. Depending on the size, a single creation requires between 60 to over 480 hours of labor. Silk Mosaic Art by Prince Duncan-Williams

Duncan-Williams’ work has been displayed in galleries such as the Venetian Hotel’s Getman Gallery, the Fashion Show Mall (Getman Gallery), the Time Gallery, and The Edge Contemporary. He travels to fine art shows across the nation, where his silk art creations have garnered numerous awards. His work continues to be admired and acquired by collectors from around the world.

You can reach Prince Duncan-Williams at his studio in Henderson, Nevada at (714) 336-3543.