Kate Bishop

Kate bishop_overOur eccentricities are what I really appreciate about myself and others.

My work is designed to liberate and celebrate the wearer’s wonderfully eccentric nature. Even if you spend most of your time sitting at a desk, your life at the desk isn’t your only story. You have a love story, an adventure story, a magical fantasy. Those are the stories that interest me and inspire my work.

I think of ‘artwork’ as the work a piece of art does in the world.

When I finish a piece, its work begins with the first person that tries it on and looks in the mirror. Her posture and demeanor change. She sees herself differently. If she notices that she is beautiful, or interesting or powerful, then my art is working.

I work out of my home studio in Bisbee, Arizona. Starting out as a designer/manufacturer of silk evening gowns, over a 25-year career I have expanded my craft to include surface decoration, dying, piecing, fabric sculpture and weaving. The current collection includes hats made of woven grasses, banana-stalk fiber, copper and brass wire, feathers, leather and various silks and rayons.

Unlike most milliners, I construct the hats from flat woven yardage rather than blocking pre-made hat bodies.

My hand painted silk flowers, which decorate many of the hats, also stand alone as corsages/art pieces.

Because I am a mom working at home, my studio is blessed with a steady flow of lively and interesting young people who contribute animation and inspiration on many levels, while the art works upon us all.

You can reach Kate Bishop at her studio in Bisbee at 520-432-2074 or online at www.katebishop.com