Kavita Singh

Singh,Kavita fishesKavita’s designs are an example of what is achieved when a masterful hand is led by an artistic heart. Silk artist Kavita Singh has come a long way since her apprenticeship in Paris as a textile designer. Kavita has perfected her silk painting techniques by studying and practicing silk painting for more than 25 years.

Being truly international Kavita has studied, produced, and exhibited in London, Paris, South East Asia and her native India.

She has designed for such greats as Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin of Paris, and American Companies such as Cannon, Burlington, Wamsutta, Schumacher, and Fieldcrest. She has created design for The White House and Malaysian Royalty. Her versatile styles feature both Eastern and Western themes.

Kavita truely enjoys presenting her works at fine art and craft shows as it gives her an opportunity to meet so many interesting people. Her greatest reward is the excitement people show when they see and feel her silk creations in person. Kavita says “My scarves and jackets are a success when they make the wearer feel beautiful”.

Many students of silk painting ask Kavita for advice from time to time. Mastering certain techniques of silk painting does not come easily. It’s through years of painting and experimenting that Kavita has perfected her craft. Kavita’s best advice is “If you love to paint silk, just keep painting”. She know that in time every artist will find their own style.

Silk artist Kavita Singh knows silks and knows what consumers want. Kavita is an internationally know textile designer who specializes in hand painted silk. Her design studio in Saratoga, California is where she produces her wearable works of art, which she sells at fine art and craft shows in the bay area, on her web site silknbeauty.com and at selected boutiques in the US including Hawaii, and in the Virgin Islands.

“I feel that my designs draw customers to my garments, but many times it’s the care instructions on the tag that sells them” says Kavita. Many shoppers love the beautiful colors and intricate designs, but hesitate to spend on something they can’t wear often or easily. When they see that the garments are colorfast, shrink resistant and hand washable they are delightfully surprised. Dry cleaning is always an option. A light ironing after hand washing is all it takes. Knowing that you can toss a hand painted silk jacket or ruana into your suitcase is a great relief. Packing wrinkles usually disappear when you hang the garment up over night! Also, when you know your favorite garment is colorfast you can wear it often. Frequent wear and washing will not diminish the beauty of these silk garments. When consumers spend their clothing dollars, these factors can make the sale.”

Kavita Singh exhibits her work in the bay area at fine art and craft shows. Her works are sold in boutiques and from her web site at: