Bryon Sutherland

Bryon Sutherland
Bryon Sutherland

Bryon discovered a passion for working with molten glass while studying fine arts at California State University in Chico, where he was first introduced to the medium.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Glass Sculpture, he worked and developed his skills at “Orient and Flume”, one of the pioneering glassblowing studios in the United States since 1972. He then studied in New York at the renouned Corning Museum of Glass with Bill Gudenrath, master Venetian glass artist, for whom he later worked, by invitation, as his teaching assistant before opening his own studio in Northern California.

Inspiration from Natural Forms

Influenced by Butte County’s volcanic geological countryside where the studio is sited, and a childhood by the sea in San Diego, the inspiration for design is apparent. Infused with movement, color and texture, the work speaks for itself.

No two pieces are alike.

No two years are alike, as the work continues to evolve in new directions.

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