Carol Martin

carol martin glassKiln Cast Glass is rarely used in jewelry design. Carol’s jewelry designs incorporate kiln cast glass, precious metals, and occasionally stones. Because of the process, all of the work is one-of-a-kind. She works with sterling silver, brass, 14kt and 22 kt gold, along with the glass that she makes.

Cast glass and Pate de Verre techniques are used, starting with an original in wax or clay followed by making a mold of the original. The mold material must be able to withstand high temperatures of the kiln. She mixes various colors of glass frit, crushed glass, to achieve the wonderful color pallette. The glass frit is placed in the molds and then fired in the kiln until the glass is molten and completely flows into the molds. After cooling, each mold is broken to remove the glass. The glass is then ground, polished and refired a second time. She finishes each piece by enhancing the glass with fabricated precious metals.

The cast glass (kiln cast) process is rare in jewelry design, and Carol has developed a unique line of jewelry that emphasizes the colors and unusual shapes.

You can reach Carol at her studio in Durango, Colorado at 970-749-2304, or online at