Dan & Joi LaChaussee

LaChaussee,Dan vaseDan & Joi LaChaussee are glass artists from Washington. Their lives, each other, their children, and their desire to be original is what inspires them. Combined they have over 24 years experience making blown glass. Dan & Joi LaChaussee live on a beautiful island near Seattle, Washington with a great community of glass blowers. Dan & Joi have been able to develop new techniques that give their art the original look patrons have come to expect.

Dan & Joi LaChaussee say art festivals give them the opportunity to meet people that love their artwork, the opportunity to create new exciting designs, and get quality feedback they do not receive from galleries. Shows are the best test market for their new ideas.

You can reach Dan & Joi LaChaussee in their studio in Langley, WA at (360) 321-1232, or email: