Ralph Parker

Parker,Ralph2 stained glassRalph Mears Parker is probably best known for his stained glass mirrors. Ralph’s tongue-in-check answer is that this is all just a play on words. Ralph says, “You see my middle name is Mears, which sounds exactly like mirrors, which is what I make.

Ralph began doing stained glass work of all types right after college, over thirty years ago. He opened his own stained glass shop, and was so successful that in the early seventies took his show on the road, and began participating in art festivals.

What Ralph is best known for is his unusual lead finish. All of the lead work surrounding Ralph’s stained glass is very smooth and quite contemporary looking. It is a process Ralph developed right after college, which he kept as his own personal signature.

Ralph Parker can be reached at his studio in Salida, Colorado at (719) 539-7120.