Burkhard Saur

saur_over girlIn the last couple of years I have focused on the digital approach. It allows me to explore a vast variety of media (drawing, pastel, oil, photography, digital painting). The computer is the interface which brings all this diversity together and fuses it into one picture.

I am interested in emotion. My art is inspired by people I meet, by the atmosphere and the memories of the places where I have been. Often, I start with one of my photographs, which serves as a stage. Then design a character to fit into the ‘scene’. In the process, painting and photography grow together. I also do a lot of stream of consciousness painting and sketching. The ‘Digital Fusion’ process allows me to use these images and put them into a new cont4ext. I can refine them while still preserving the spontaneity of the original sketch.

I call my process Digital Fusion. I use a computer to combine traditional media like drawing and oil painting with digital painting and photography. The computer is the big equalizer – it blends elements, which normally do not mix (like photography and painting), seamlessly together. The painting is not pastel on top of a photograph, but is shares the same picture plane. In a way, the painting becomes part of the ‘real world” of the photograph.

You can reach Burkhard Saur at his studio in Longmont, Colorado at 720-652-9617, or online at