Maria Arango

ArangoMaria treesMaria believes that working with a woodblock takes on the aspects of a struggle between antagonists. The wood is reluctant, the artist determined, and it is reasonable to suggest that the battle of wills brings about a result quite different from those media in which the hand of the artist moves brush or pencil or crayon freely over the working surface.
With wood, every movement of the tool involves overcoming resistance and demands the use of a certain amount of sheer physical force. Every block and every subject is a new challenge. The result is an emotional involvement between man and material that, enduring over the years, somehow takes on the character of an addiction, or a love af-fair, or something similarly irrational. At any rate, there seems to be no known cure.

Maria’s family moved to Barcelona, Spain only a year after her 1959 birth in Havana, Cuba. In 1974 they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where other family members had migrated. Maria’s newest venture is a gallery in downtown Scottsdale. She may be reached at her studio on the web at