Ray Maseman

Ray Maseman

Myths, legends, children’s stories and dreams provide the ingredients for my intricate and whimsical etchings.  Through blending these sources and recasting them with non-human protagonists I suggest enigmatic tales of exploration, collaboration, and transformation.

I create scenarios that suggest a narrative without making the story explicit.  In some cases I take a well known story and play with it, exchanging traditional elements for something that upends classical interpretations.  At other times I simply force together incongruous characters and objects together both for my own amusement and to provoke insights.

My images often contain absurd situations and anachronistic devices.  This tendency is reflected and reinforced by my choice of printmaking as a medium.  In the midst of mass-produced, instantaneous digital culture I use mostly 16th century technology to etch images on copper plates.  By wiping the plates with ink and running them through a hand-cranked press I create small numbers of pictures on paper.   This process is more physical and complicated then simply drawing, yet it allows me wide latitude for exploring ideas.  It also makes it possible for a wider range of individuals to own a hand-made piece of fine art.

-Ray Maseman, March 2010

To learn more about Ray, please visit his website at www.raymaseman.com.

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