Richard Lithgow

Lithgrow,Richard1 rainbow troutRichard Lithgow started his fishing career relatively late in life at the age of 5. He would sit for hours on a rickety dock on a quiet lake in NY’s Adirondack Mountains, hooked by the magical, mystical experience of catching one Sunny after another. His father soon took him fly fishing in New York and Vermont and as his casting skills improved so did his talent and love for the visual arts.

His formal Art training was at Cornell University, the Art Students League in New York City, and a host of museums visited throughout Europe. Working in oils, but also etching and sculpting, Richard has won numerous awards in all three mediums. His canvases reflect countless tableaus but wild trout have become a fascinating and unique focus. His painting often reflects the work of 17th Century Dutch Masters. Richard is probably best known for his series of trout etchings.

“I love to capture the fall of light, how light affects things,” he says, which explains his affection for Rembrandt. This can be seen in much of his work: shimmering, translucent colors, the play of shadow and sunlight, and most vividly, the sense motion transfixed.

Richard can be reached at his studio in Burbank, CA 818-848-0008, or online at