Scott Olson

Olson,Scott poppiesI work primarily in the mediums of intaglio printmaking and mixed-media on paper. Intaglio means “below the surface” and includes such processes as etching, drypoint, and aquatint.

For the most part, my process involves creating an image on a metal surface by either scratching directly on the metal or by using acid to etch the metal.

Now that the image is “below the surface” of the metal plate, ink is wiped onto the plate and forced into the marks. Once the ink is applied and wiped to my desired effect, the plate is placed on a press and hand “pulled” to transfer the ink from the plate to the paper.

In combination with this technique, I will also draw or paint directly onto the paper, either before or after printing. In this way, I incorporate marks made by hand directly onto the paper along with the intaglio marks. As a result, I am able to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the marks made by each process. This also allows me to create unique, one-of-a-kind works

The images I use come from nature. I often work from the landscape and create both recognizable renderings as well as abstract interpretations.
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