Adrian Schwab

schwab,a key west jewelryMy initial inspiration came on a college break trip to Key West. There is a place called Mallory Square where all the local artists come out each night at sunset and sell their work. I was so intrigued with one young girl’s jewelry that after I got home I took it apart and tought myself how to make jewelry based on that. Since then, I have taken many classes from other artists to help refine my skills.

What sets me apart is my ability to make my own glass beads, which I then use to make jewelry. It is the ability to see the whole picture, and use my creative abilities from the ground up. I don’t have to run out and buy something, I just make it.

I work with lauscha and effretti soft glass primarily for the glass beads. The jewelry then always has a signature piece of glass in it and is combined with sterling silver, gold, semiprecious stones. And I love vintage! Ever since I was in high school I have been collecting vintage jewelry. I take it apart and use various piences in my work. It is fun, creative and addictive!

I am a nurse by day and a jewelry designer by night. I think as a nurse you need a creative outlet that allows you a sense of calmness. I do art shows because my husband and I do them together and we have the best time. We love talking to people and love the atmosphere. We have been doing shows for ten years.

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