Allan Mason

mason-allan braceletBackground
I have pursued many creative endeavors over the years, and I became actively involved in silverwork in 1996. As a long-time collector of Indian Jewelry, I learned how to “fix” certain pieces to suit my own tastes. This led to the realization that I had lots of ideas for pieces that were unlike what I could find in the marketplace. The solution, of course, was to make them myself!

I decided to concentrate on bracelets and rings because, unlike most other forms of adornment, the wearer can see and enjoy them as much as everyone else. My principal philosophy is that each piece be essentially asymmetrical, the designs changing from side-to-side and end-to-end. While this approach requires more design and production energy, I believe it results in pieces that are more interesting and thus, more valuable over time. I think of my work as “the art of asymmetry”.

My intention was never to create “Indian” jewelry, although I do use many of the same techniques, and much of my work has a sort of “spacey southwest” quality. Most of my pieces show a lot of stampwork. I have hundreds of stamps to choose from- the majority of which I designed and made myself. I also use the multi-level overlay technique frequently, as well as good deal of filework. And, of course, I love heavy silver! I use lots of selective surface oxidation to highlight the details, and I prefer a softer, hand-rubbed finish. These aspects all contribute to the complex, abstract, and sculptural qualities you’ll see in many of my designs. Occasionally I’ll add or inlay small amounts of such materials as 18K gold, copper, mammoth ivory or abalone shell; but, for the most part, my pieces are pure sterling silver, so they are highly wearable and enjoyable.

Contact Allan Mason at his studio in Hermosa Beach, California at 310-379-5831, or online at