Barbara Roth

roth,barbara_over glass jewelryWith a home filled with teenagers, my studio has become my sanctity. Contemporary and modern art has always been my love, so I have covered my walls with pictures by Kadinsky, Picasso and some unknown artists from Vietnam. Bold colors and abstract design is reflected in all my work.

I’ve always been fascinated with colored glass, so when the local community center offered a class on fused dichroic glass from a local, well known artist, I jumped at the opportunity.

Glasswork is a unique medium. It requires patience, delicacy and creativity. The artist suffers from endless cuts and burns. Then there are the countless “oops” from breaking the glass accidentally. But my dedication is rewarded every morning when I open up my kiln and see how beautiful the glass is. Then, when others appreciate your work and actually want to purchase it, it confirms your belief in yourself as an artist.

My glass jewelry is available thru my website. And my larger pieces can be viewed in my own gallery. I also show at the many fine art festivals in my hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. If you have actually read this far, you deserve a 15% discount and a medal. You can reach Barbara Roth at her studio in Scottsdale, Arizona at (602) 996-8526 or online at