Betty Bitterman

bitterman, betty freedom tagsBetty Bitterman is a silversmith. Unlike most of the jewelry artists in our show, she is from New York City. Betty’s specializes in a line of Freedomtags™, jewelry and buckles. Betty’s work is inspired by the events of our times. Betty’s Freedomtags™ are based on military dog tags, with the lists of freedoms from the U.S. Constitution engraved on them. Betty began wearing her Freedomtags™ as something to prompt conversation. People liked the original piece she made so much, that she began making them for friends. Before she knew it, she could not make them fast enough. Whether you are a collector of eclectic jewelry, a belt buckle fan, or even just someone who was touched by 9/11, you will want to make it by Betty’s booth. Betty can be reached in New York at 212-888-5133, or email