Busarin Kittichareonsup

kittichareonsup,busarin flowerI’m a self-taught art jeweler. After I earned a Master degree in Management Information System, I worked for many places and I felt that those jobs did not what I wanted. I quitted and started working on art works and paintings, and had a part-time job at jewelry store and have been a Diamond certified from Diamond Council of America.

Since then I decided to be independent and earn a living from what I love. . My designs are inspired by nature. My works are about array of colors, fun, feminine and creative in styles. The jewelry made for eco system by using organic materials combine with semi-precious stones, beads and wire works. The flowers and leaves are 100% real flowers and leaves, which have been preserved (using process of freeze drying and plating the flowers) and hand dipped in treated resin then coated with lacquer for the last finish.

Because of the way nature made it, each piece is different from another. No two finished pieces will be exactly alike. Reach Busarin online at www.busarindesigns.com