Erik Stewart

stewart,erik_over ringsMy jewelry creations display strong geometrical lines, soft flowing surfaces, and highlight the ethereal beauty of choice gemstones. Their unique mountings generate surprising reflections of the gems and surfaces from unexpected angles. These selected designs are representative of my passion for sculptural jewelry inspired by my lifelong experiences.

I am a Graduate Gemologist certified by G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) and have over ten years of experience in the jewelry industry. I design using CAD/CAM software to enhance the precision of the fine workmanship. All of my designs are personally manufactured in-house with care and the highest level of quality.

My creative ideas stem from the creative images that emerge from my studies of music, fine art and architectural expression derived from my travels around the world. My strong affinity for geometry, elegance, and simplicity is a significant motif in all of my jewelry concepts.

You can reach Erik Stewart at his studio in Tempe, Arizona at 480-734-7805, or online at