Francesca Anatra

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Francesca Anatra

I worked for over 26 years in law enforcement. The last 14 years I investigated violent crimes such as assault, stalking, sexual assault and homicide. The constant call out, all night crime scene investigations and carnage made me quickly realize that I needed a healthy release from all the stress. Even though I am an avid hiker, gardener and reader, I wanted to focus my energy on creating beautiful things.

My interests were varied and I tried many things such as weaving, tole painting and making stuffed teddy bears. I became interested in stained glass and finally took a class in 1986. Unfortunately, I did not have the room to create glass items and didn’t pursue glass work actively until 1992.

Stained glass was at the forefront, but then I was introduced to fused glass. I instantly fell in love with the craft. I worked diligently cutting and fusing pieces. I took wirework classes in order to make beautiful jewelry and then pursued silversmithing.

I now make glass wind chimes as well as jewelry and will be expanding in more fused items in the next year. The colors and freedom I have to create whatever I want has kept me interested in glass. I retired from law enforcement in 1999 and now work in glass and silver full time.

I enjoy making beautiful objects to wear using glass, precious metals and semi-precious stones. I am inspired by the beauty of colors and textures in nature. I enjoy turning sheet metal and wire into interesting shapes and textures.

My glass is formed in a kiln and I fabricate my own settings out of sterling silver and wire. My jewelry designs are generally one of-a-kind pieces. I just let my hands and tools decide what the setting for the glass will be.

I enjoy the excitement of festivals and the people who attend enjoy my work. There is a sense of pride that I have when someone purchases a piece of my art.

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