Gary Ayers

Ayers, Gary katchina necklaceGary Ayers hand crafts silver jewelry that features southwest contemporary motifs with figural and geometric symbols of nature in abstract. After a career in the corporate world with numerous moves around the country and several years of silversmith classes at local colleges, Gary has expanded his fifteen year hobby of silversmithing into a passion of producing works that reflect his love of the southwest. Living and creating in his studio in Kayenta, Utah Gary is inspired by the red cliffs and desert that he views from his workbench window. Working in tandem with his wife Tris, who designs the jewelry, Gary uses stone in the rough from around the world and hand cuts and polishes each to fit the individual piece. His jewelry begs to be handled. Many pieces are reversible as they are etched on the other side with an image of a petroglyph or pictograph that the artists have found on one of their many hikes across the southwest. Gary can be reached at his studi in Utah at (435)656-5488 or online at