Hanan Ingel

ingel_over braceletSilver Mind jewelry is handmade from sterling silver and incorporates genuine ancient coins that have been excavated in the Holy Land. The jewelry is ornamated with gold and semi-precious stones. I use a variety of Roman, Greek and Jewish coins from the period 200 BC – 400 AD, which were found in archeological excavations in different parts of Israel. The authenticity of each coin is verified before setting and a certificate is included with each piece. All jewelry is designed and crafted in my studio in Berkeley, California. I put careful attention into each detail, offering a distinctive piece of art as well as an artifact from the ancient world. I create my jewelry utilizing fabrication and soldering techniques. I use wax method only to make small pieces that I need in bulk such as chain links, clasps, etc.

The concept of making jewelry from ancient coins is as old as coins themselves. Proof of this for example is available in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where you can view a woman’s belt that is made out of 22kt gold set with silver coins dating back to Roman times. Incorporating ancient artifacts into jewelry allows people to display their desire to be connected to their past. I find it fascinating!

You can reach Hanan Ingel at the Silvermind Studio in Berkeley, California at 510-704-8618, or online at www.silvermind.net