Janet Wight

What an amazing year this has been…My work has been worn by three soldiers who were shipped off to Kuwait…I’ve sent jewelry to Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France, and Bismarck, North Dakota! (who knew?) I designed and created a pendant that was presented to a heart transplant recipient who climbs mountains…She received my piece at the top of the Matterhorn! I’ve made jewelry to commemorate birth, friendship, love, loss, hope, and much more….

I try to incorporate something positive into everything I make…Each piece is made from sterling silver or 18k gold, with a little copper here and there. All my work is hand built, one at a time, not mass produced. Consequently, no two pieces are exactly the same…I spend about half of my time making custom jewelry for people who want to incorporate words that are special to them into a piece of jewelry. I have met so many wonderful people…

Janet Wight can be reached at her studio in Phoenix at (602) 795-3299, or on the web at www.jewelryforthesoul.com.