Kelly Luttrell

luttrell_over pendantI am inspired by symbolic archetypes from many different cultures and also love balance, design and color. There just aren’t enough colors! My creative environment is quiet and remote in the foothills outside of Lake Havasu City, in the middle of the Mohave Desert.

The process of enamel on metal dates back to 2000 B.C., in ancient Egypt. It is an ancient process, yet my work has a contemporary flair. There are very few professional enamellists on this planet. It is a difficult process, which requires patience, and still which must be carefully cultivated. No instant gratification with this medium, which is probably why not many people do it.

I work with transparent enamel fired onto etched, textured and roller printed fine silver. Each piece requires anywhere from 8 to 20 firings to build a rich saturation of color. I am encouraged and inspired to work with this medium because of the spectacular result of rich, elegant color unlike anything else. It is magical.

My profession as an enamellist is a result of a long-term path in art sales, jewelry design and glass blowing. When I found enamel, I was hooked!

You can reach Kelly Luttrell at her studio in Lake Havasu City, Arizona at 928-764-1066, or online at