Leah Wong

wong,leah blue bead necklaceGezellig Ellegance is the jewelry line of designer Leah Wong. After living in Amsterdam for eight years, Leah returned to her home state of Washington in 2003 to launch this creative enterprise inspired by her time in Europe.

“The reflection of light on the canals of Amsterdam is intoxicating. The city is a surprising mix of both the romantic and the racy. My jewelry expresses this contradiction in a blend of unexpected colors and forms.” – Leah Wong

It’s a moment.

It’s an attitude.

It’s a feeling.

Experience Gezellig Ellégance.

Leah began designing jewelry in 1998 and discovered a passion for the creative process. She approaches jewelry design as a painter might approach a canvas, infusing each piece with light, color and movement.

Gezellig Ellegance jewelry is made by hand with individually selected materials. Leah uses only the highest quality stones, glass and metals including Austrian Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and sterling silver.

The Dutch word gezellig does not have a true English counterpart. Like Gezellig Ellegance jewelry, it’s a free flowing concept that can mean many things: a warm feeling, a sense of pleasure, or an exhilarating moment. All of these sentiments capture the spirit of Gezellig Ellegance jewelry.

You can reach Leah Wong at her studio in Liberty Lake, Washington at (360)620-4628, or online at http://www.gezelligellegance.com/